ATTN: Dylan/Land of Sporks server

Where the fork are the sporks?!

edit: where the hell is the river
edit2: where the hell is my edit text?!

Would you like some giant bugs with that river?

yes damnit!

I have so much effing homework I can’t work on the stuff right now.

well that’s gay. :\ Next things you should do though, is make that river OR make the path to the bottom town already lol

Yeah I’m really trying to work on a forest dungeon. I should have my homework thingy done in a few days :-[

Focus on one fucking project, it’s annoying…

did you play the quest in your house yet?

we need a slingshot


No, caleb, actually the frequent usage of that joke coming up is annoying. I’ve been here for like 2 weeks now, and at first it was funny and now I’m just getting annoyed seeing that.

Hey look, I see a river at the south end of town!

Hey look! I see it’s impossible to get to the town!
You could add a link to the stairs and the cave as a temporary measure until you make the dungeon that you (I think) planned to put there.

Accessibility is overrated, all you need is courage.

Not sure wether to worry about what VW is up to or not…


I’m adding a bank, the horse stables have also opened.