Auctionable Houses!

Hi guys!

Just wanted to let you know that I built a server-side bidding system where you can bid money on a house. You have to beat the highest bidder so the house may be yours.

Right now the point is that you might “Buy” it and i’d add your own levels in there, or some houses could be only accessed once you gave enough money, or if you’re the highest bidder.

The first houses I made are located in Avalon

Have fun!

Nice. I guess we should then rename Avalon to Spoon’s city. :wink:
We all know what Spoon do to people who beats his hi-score bid!
Do we? Do I?

Okay, so my name is Spooon not Spoon. I’m not a spoon. It’s a name.

Ur a spoon.

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Ok, I think I am getting it.

this is what autism looks like

For you it must be like looking in a mirror?

it takes one to know one

everyone here is a little autistic
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