Hi I am new to scripting and I was wondering if someone can create a aura for me, I saw one on the forums but they removed the gani so it isn’t working. :frowning:

It’s ideally done via gani script. So here’s a very simple example.


SPRITE    0         SPRITES    0    0    2    2 shadow

DEFAULTHEAD head19.png

if (playerenters || timeout){
  if (!lighteffectsenabled){
    return;//don't bother running this aura for people with their lights turned off

  this.grow = (this.grow+0.1);

  showimg 300,light4.png,x-2.5,y-2;//we use x and y as we're referring to the placement of the gani, not the player!
  changiemgcolors 300,1,1,1,0.5;
  changeimgzoom 300,0.5+sin(this.grow)*0.5;

  timeout = 0.05;

   0  12  34
   0  12  34
   0  12  34
   0  12  34

I purposely gave you a basic one so you wouldn’t be tempted to run with mine. Have fun!

Thanks for the help but when I try using it, it makes me invisible :(.

Lights off for life.

Ahh sorry, I forgot to mention. What you generally do is have a helper weapon that displays this gani for your player.

if (playerenters && !isweapon)toweapons aura;

if (weaponfired){
  this.on = 1- this.on;
  if (this.on == 1){
    timeout = 0.05;

if (timeout){
  showani 1,playerx,playery,playerdir,gani,;
  if (this.on == 1)timeout = 0.05;
  else hideimg 1;

We can also send parameters through our showani statement to provide some kinda customisation system.
Another thing to take note of is that weapons that use an image index of < 250(I think…) will be shown serverside, the rest clientside, don’t bother with too many images as this is quite laggy.

Edit: Never mind, it lets me walk around with the aura now, but the aura just shows as “light2.png” Instead of a glow :(!

I believe you made a spelling error, I will see if this is the fix :D! brb

Yer, it was a test! You didn’t think i’d give you the answer straight out, did you?

I fixed the spelling mistake and i still didn’t work though :frowning: ugh now idk what to do! :frowning:

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The teaching style has evolved again. Now it’s “better learning through broken scripts.”

No, I mean that he didn’t make the typo on purpose.

No!! Press B Press B :open_mouth:

I changed the typo, and the whole thing was fixed. Also, you know how?

The solution still requires that you have knowledge of GS1, and that you replace words where need be, I’ve just given you the base.