Avatar FUN

Heyo! I’m posting cuz I want to make some yummy avatars to mess around with. I just need help with them. I’m trying to copy the Graal Reborn Server Lists Icon (the five fully illustrated characters). I made most of them perfectly. for example: Hat0.png, Head20.png, Body3.png Skin=orange, Coat/Sleeves=black, Shoes/Belt=yellow, Default sword/shield1.png = The main character in the image. and it goes on and on with the other 4. the only one I have trouble with making is the blue ninji-like character between the female mage and the caped knight. I cant seem to find his head within head0 and head 999… If someone can just make a quick character chart of the 5 characters in their spare time that’d be great. I’m only doing this because it’s something I like to do :D. If you guys are too busy or idgaf’y then its all good