Back From the Inactive Grave

Heya! I’m SireCloud, was here a year ago, left to worry about RL matters, and now I’m back. Not expecting anyone to remember me, concidering I was one the forums only a few times, and only played Kondie Dev and a bunch of bronze servers, but I’m just here to announce my return :smiley:

Hey! glad that people are still comming back to reborn. Perhaps there is hope that we might get a few players playing so perhaps we can have some community challenges.

Its now known as xialza and while its not the best server out there you can still have a bit of fun playing quests and theres one dungeon released.

Anyway, welcome back!

Oh right. The badger with the golden armor.

I was a bit confused when I didnt see Kondie Dev in the Silver section. Well I’m glad to be back and hope that I can keep up with the community better than last time. And I’m glad that Spooon at least somewhat recognizes me :stuck_out_tongue:

A badger?

Please tell me your not a furry.

A Furry? No. If I’m not mistaken, thats only Dontar. I just like the badger head :stuck_out_tongue:

ahhh… I remember you from the zephyr thingy on kondie dev welcome back bro!

Well, I do a bit of LAT work (although I guess that could be art) along with the art (character gfx and what not) like you said. I would love to try and pearn some scripting, but it seems pretty difficult. For the most part, though, I’m just a player who does some dev stuff on the side.

GS1 is limited but that doesn’t make it hard. It is in my opinion one of the easiest languages to pick up and run with. I suggest you look at some example scripts to learn the syntax(layout) of GS1 then read commands.rtf when not sure on how to solve a problem.

We need players, not devs.

Ill be a player

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Love to be a player. Less work on my part.