Back in the saddle again

I was last active with Graal back in 2008 or so. I was bored waiting for an install and while deleting stuff off my computer I found my old graal install and decided to kill some time.

This is part of a personal overworld that I’ve worked with off and on over the last 10 years or so. Most of this work in this screen shot is new but it is a melding of a few ideas I was toying around with back in the day. Periodically over the years I would come up with what I deemed unique concepts and I would add them to part of a personal map.

I’m not completely satisfied with the lower left corner but the game I’m downloading is almost done and I view it as good enough.

The dry river lay out was a concept I had 8 years or so ago of a dry river bed. I’ve done a few test level designs of it but have never fully incorporated it into an overworld like I’ve wanted to. I have a private overworld I’ve started adding it and this is the start of the river. I have another level or two where I continued on with the river but that doesn’t fit in the screen shot and I haven’t detailed around it.

Over all I am mostly happy with it.

Edit: The reason for all of the tall grass on the right side was my idea for the map was to lead into a swamp there. The swampy portions aren’t something I ever got around to adding but I might add some of it at a later date and reupload. Concept of the swamp is similar to the dry river bed but significantly less dirty and mixed in with tall grass.

Dry river… I’m surprised it sounds new… cool dry river.

It’s an old concept of mine that I don’t think any one has ever seen/used beyond one screen shot I posted as a proof of concept years ago. It turns out the game I downloaded has over a gig to patch so I spent a few more minutes roughing in part of the swamp concept I have to give people an idea of how it could/will look. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet.


When I do giant cliffs I add tons of ledges so the player can jump around. Im more about game play than esthetics. So my levels look weird.

I did/posted these awhile ago with absolutely no knowledge of yours. These are screenshots of a larger dry river that runs through my player-world’s map.



No worries their are only so many things you can do with tiles. Eventually people will think of the same ideas.


Mollusk, second level of yours is awesome O_o

Wait until you see Phoenix :wink: