So, how would you go about editing a backpal like snowpal.png. I’m clueless since you know, when you open the file, it’s just an image of a clock ?_?

it’s like a palette swap for the tileset.

Better off just making new tiles -.-

Nah, better off fixing the damn *Clock npc to not use setbackpal so we can get some actual classic tiles on here, not pics1 recolors -_-

Open up the image in paint shop pro, its the palette you want.
Now open up say, pics1.png (one its compatable with), now palette swap pics1.png with the snowpal.png. Trippy!

How to “fix it”, look at the newer pics1.png, and manually edit the palette till it looks similar to the old one. Then save with an unoptimized palette (and for the love of god, crop the image if you’re just using it for a backpal, Lol).

You can do things with setbackpal that you can’t do with seteffect, but I haven’t gotten off my arse to do anything with it. Rather curious as to why Stefan just didn’t use .pal files though. Even Ragnarok Online uses .pal files, they just cut off the 13bytes or so of header.

I got it with Irfanviews simple, Palette->edit palette, import palette, export palette.

Rather than fuck around with backpals, i took pics1 palette and applied it to classic’s snow tileset (like not even 1% color difference after applying) so now, all the damn setbackpal pics1.png shit laid around the server won’t mess the tiles up, yay :slight_smile:

eerrr… Please rename that shit incase anyone, wants to, you know. USE IT?
It’s like the retards that try to overwrite head0.png.

I didn’t do anything to pics1.png lol. I just exported it’s palette and put it on a different tileset.

I meant to overwrite the snowpal.png and etc.

Ah, well, I didn’t mess with that either. It’s a custom tileset, different name :slight_smile:

I did a gold backpal in photoshop a few years ago…
Backpals suck, use new tilesets and lighting imo

backpals are for people who do not have the talent to make a new tileset.

Yes, because throwing the current tileset through a few dozen “adobe filters” and making it dark as hell counts as talent O_o;

So tired of seeing ‘new’ tilesets that consist of taking pics1 and ramping up the contrast and darkness to 11. It’s so ugly and not even original anymore.

I use afirebackpal.png because there arnt enough Volcano based tiles (for part of RPG world when volcano erupts and evil demon takes over). (the current volcano tiles in pics1 are shitty)

im using picsgold on Andor for a secondary Midas’ Curse Quest (lifting curse on mainland (graal classic) worked there, but the effects of the lifting didnt reach Andor)

Everyone knows the volcano tiles of the tileset are shit, thats why they replaced the damn volcano tree with grass transition tiles o_o

lol volcano tree.

then replace the rest of the damn volcano tiles with BETTER volcano tiles.

No one feels inclined to use them but you. ¬¬

If there were some inspirations or ideas to make a volcano tileset with, I might have a shot at it… but really there is just about zero to go off of.