Battlefield: Bad Company 2

is much better than Modern Warfare 2.

Friend me in-game if you have the PC version. My account name is Nalin. Remember that friend search is case-sensitive (one of those little bugs.)

My colleague has actually worked on Bad Company 2 and earlier Battlefield games aswell. His name is in the credits in the beginning of the game.

Actually just got done playing it on xbox with my friend. We get alcohol and play it every thursday pretty much as well as DOTA and C&C3 Good game. Though the xbox online system is still fucked as it can’t auto-balance teams. Sometimes it’s like 1 on 15 people or some shit.

Well, a lot of the PC version’s servers are still running the R8 software, which means auto-balancing sucks ass. Usually you will find all the best players on one team, so round after round their team wins. There is no shuffling of players between rounds. Only R9 servers have a somewhat working auto-balance, and I just can’t seem to find them. =/ The server browser doesn’t tell you what version of the software the server is running.

I don’t have this yet, I did pick up Battlefield 1943 on Xbox and thought it was pretty fun.

Does Battlefield 1943 have destructible terrain and objects like Bad Company 2 has? In Bad Company 2, you can blow holes in the side of buildings and even collapse them once you destroy enough of it.

Yes and Some (but not completely).

BC2 is $7 on Steam today. Get it if you still haven’t yet!

im trying to make a steam account and buy this thing but the stupid captcha i have to enteris wrong everytime wtf

im entereing it right but it keeps sayin “Please verify your humanity by re-entering the characters below.”

fuuu help quick i have 6 hours left on this deal

I had it. I had black ops too. And then cunt$oft decided to make an enemy out of me, with their secret weapon, the rrod.

Did i mention i hate micro$oft?

that sucks jatz, i got mine luckily early on after getting my box :B

nvm about the captcha, i ended up makin an account on the actual steam browser download thing and it worked, i already added you Nalin

bfbc2 is downloading now, should be done in like 3 hours, ill have no idea what im doing but i am a perfect dark and cod vet even though that helps none

Gotta love kritikals bfbc2 funtactics. Especially the flying mongoose episode. Ill dig up a link soon. If i can be bothered. Dont wait for it.

Added me to your BFBC2 friend list, or your Steam friend list? Because I don’t see your friend request on either. :x
BFBC2: Nalin
Steam: [email protected]

BFBC2 is case SENSITIVE for pretty much everything, so be careful.

Oh whoops, added ‘Nalin’ in steam, not bfbc2, got it now lol

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well that was a waste of 7 bucks, i get like 1 fps in single and multiplayer on low settings

I got Bad Company 2 the day it came out, and even then I proclaimed to my friends that it was better. It’s really funny seeing people come over from MW2 or Black Ops, because there are actually physics in this game that affect your accuracy. Especially being the recon class, you’ve got to actually take in account distance to the target, and adjust accordingly. Plus, nothing feels more badass than to be involved in some of the huge battles Bad Company 2 offers. Seeing helicopters flying overhead, tanks and light vehicles rolling off beside you, and land troops tangling with each other makes for a very fun, very frustrating game.

Bad Company 2 > MW2, Black Ops, etc.

I think I do pretty good in this game.

You’re not a very big fan of flying, are ya? lol

Do you like Rush or conquest mode better?

Conquest is sweet, but so is rush. It all depends on the map!

I tend to lean towards conquest maps, myself, because there’s more of an opportunity for the battle to go either way.

Nah. I don’t really fly that much. I have been messing with the UAV occasionally, though.
As for Rush vs Conquest, just take a look at my Team Attacker/Defender Win/Loss ratio.
Oh, and check out my Rush and Conquest pins. :slight_smile:
[spoiler]I like Conquest more.[/spoiler]