Behind a DSL Router wanting to LAN

Hey guys back again after awhile, I am on holiday and away from my computer, using my laptop… While I can setup host and make a server at home… I am behind a DSL router here which doesn’t want to portforward correctly, I have tried everything:

1: changed the serveroptions.txt to correct IP. (even tried a dns)

2: Set the router to portforward the servers port 14802 to my lan IP.

3: configured the hell out of my firewall trying every option and even disabling it to try and no dice.

Is it possible for the client to just accept my lan IP as a serverlist? or if someone has the serverlist I could use for lan development of a server?

the ONLY way I could get it working is to enable the DMZ and I can’t do that its a friends router with 5 computers running off it. D:

Thanks for any help recieved.


If you had a normal router (eg: Linksys), you could bypass the DSL router’s bullcrap.
Its redundant, but the DSL Router is more of a ‘switch’, that is given the appearance of something moderatly intelligent to be able to handle port forwarding.

This is what I did (since I already had a router).

Transfer all data from the modem/DSL Router used to connect over to the router.
PPPoE > [email protected] : password
Static IP > IP, DNS Servers, Gateway, etc.

After placing all this wonderful information in your router, try to get your router to connect to the internet, it should have it’s own external IP address instead the DSL router based one. If this worked, you’re in luck, your Router just bypassed faulty bullshit and is now treating that DSL router like the bitch modem it should have stayed as.

I see what you’re saying but I can’t do this, its not my router, its a friends router, and he doesn’t have another one.

the only way it will work is

A: DMZ (Not an option) or

B: serverlist on my comp that I can tell the client to connect to and point at my server.

I have a totally wonderful and working server at home, setup with my beautiful DSL router which works D: lol but I am not at home nor am I able to access that computer at the moment || anytime soon.

(and for the record I’ve never had a problem with a DSLrouter before I came here on holiday lol)


Router is shit, I am doing it right lol

I have had wireless DSL routers for years and I’ve never had a problem, this one just sucks D: I wish I was at home but for now I have to find a hotfix.


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Is there someway that I can make the client using array2.dat to point at to bypass the serverlist so I can work on the server via lan?


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Thanks for the help but I’ve redone the No-ip and I must have done something wrong the first time, cause its working now! much love <3 come visit me on DreamScape.