Beholder Sprite Sheet

Sadly when the internet was made public for every household and idiot, this statement became true. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dark, you should show an update soon! lol What will be the attacks for the monster?
Beams, rays, and the lot?

D: I think he means that’s the penis.

I haven’t done any more yet. work, then assignments, then getting ready to leave for the weekend.

If i get anything done in the next couple days I’ll be surprised, but if I do I’ll put it up here.

As for attacks. Beams, Rays, and the lot are the general idea. Maybe a magical AoE or two.

It’s a departure from Graal’s art style, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing per-se.

Don’t worry about it. Everything is away from Graal’s art style O_O

You are all looking into this too deep.

I’m the manager of Graal the Adventure. Those images are from Graal the Adventure.

Oh, well. Yeah. MineDino is still fugly. That’s not your fault though; it’s part of what is great about Graal Classic (the Adventure).

Well when Goatse was brought up, it was hard not to look into something deep.

So it’s not some Zelda ripoff? Really, Graal itself has no art style.
It was and still is a cheap knock off of Zelda to an extent.

I look forward to seeing his AoE, any idea what the effect would be? A screech, blast, psy waves, etcetera.
My favorite Beholder from the many games I’ve played is still the one in Baldur’s Gate II.

Haven’t played bgII

I like the one in NWN1 for capabilities (and the one in wow), and I like the one in DDO for art style.

For it’s abilities I’d probably suggest using the D&D 3.5 Monster Manual for guidelines.

I probably won’t script him in GS1, simply because I think I’m going to try to start on that new client within a couple weeks. He’ll get some spriting, then I’ll try to give him some Gani love, and maybe attack animations. But I won’t be implementing hit behavior or abilities in GS1.

The fact that he can attack at range, in 360 degrees would be a hard thing to do though. eyestalks point in all directions, right, so he can be going one way and while moving, shoot buddy in the top right corner of the screen.

I dunno how I would implement that in GS1.

In the revamped client, maybe I could add mouse based targetting for ranged attacks.

For the record though, these are 2 pieces that are inspiring my beholder sprite

And i think before I do more work on the sprite I’m going to do my own concept art from all the angles im gonna need.

Btw the teeth: I’m going for a stargate atlantis wraith look.

Nice…hope that works out for you

It’s pretty nice. :stuck_out_tongue: I look forward to the finished product. If you need help spriting something, give me a shout.

Not sure if thats sarcasm, but it should be doable. I just plan on doing some of my own concept art on paper before I continue spriting.

will do. I’d like to sprite out alot of new things over time. I want to come up with a new model for player sprites. and once I have the original prototype finished, then new options sprited by other people would be a big help.

Obviously the game engine will be my main focus, but I’ll probably made some prototype sprites and ganis which can be expanded upon by others.

Nah, not sarcasm, just a great reference to star gate atlantis :stuck_out_tongue:

Script it in GS1 or you’re not legit -.-

can i see your chapa eye ? i just saw that image the other day but i can’t find it now .

Now to ruin the topic :smiley:

Of course you can