Beholder Sprite Sheet

I’ve been working on this dude in photoshop.

So far I’ve only worked on the front, but it’s got alot of parts for me to use in a custom GANI.

Seperate Pieces:
Top Teeth
Bottom Teeth

It still needs the shapes for the tentacle-stalk eyes, and then texturing/shading.

Then I have to do side views, back views, and a dead view.

Then Animate.

Anyways. what do you guys think of the beastie so far?


Wish I could see it. Omploader pls?


do you not see the picture gllt?

I do not see the picture.

You can put it there for free.

Here it is with some shading.

And here it is disassembled.


Lots of parts.

Now I need to make some extra version of each part, then start making the other views.

It’s Mr. Rockweller!

Very nice work and shame on you for tricking me into thinking it was about the individual named Beholder :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way, the picture isn’t showing up in the first post because of this:
You are not authorised to download this attachment.

That site stops people from viewing it. Just edit the post with your newer post’s images.

Oh yeah. That didn’t occur to me… But come to think of it, seeing his name everywhere is probably why I decided to make a beholder instead of something like: a Mindflayer, or an Iron Golem or Something.

Alternatively, maybe Beholder really lives up to his name, and has adopted a more friendly looking avatar to avoid scaring all of the humans who use this forum.

Primary eye is usually bigger, also missing eye stalks. :open_mouth: lol

Lol Correct and Correct.

Well I said it was a work in progress.

Yeah I might make the eye bigger. I was largely basing it on the DDO beholder, with some other concept art I was looking at at the same time.

It still needs eye stalks, and the inside of the mouth, and more parts. thats just what I got done yesterday. lol.

Forgotten Realms for the win <3

Dude, I don’t see why your putting in all this work. what’s wrong with MineDino?

Just kidding. MineDino is fugly.

Your graphics (at least this one) looks really good. I’m not sure how much time that takes, but it looks like a lot. So, really, good job on that. I hope to see more work from you (and it’s application somewhere).

Did I just read something about an erect penis up your ass?

That image sequence is rather odd…

That seems like a stretch interpretation.
I can’t say I’m following your logic.

I have screen shots that sort of explain his “logic”, but they still don’t make any sense…

So give us the screenshots. As long as we get his “logic” that’s all that matters.
Making sense is unimportant on the internet, you would know this if you is the one who wasn’t not dumb.