Stop being retarded and learn how to use the edit button. Don’t jump onto servers and ask people for scripts. Don’t double post and double post and double post. Most of all, just don’t be stupid.

Dont ask for shit without attempting first.

Tell your parents you’re a Zionist.

Most importantly worship Allah and hope to God that you are going to be chosen next for a suicide mission.

Edit: Kondie delete your post.

I see God referenced twice in there. Why did you only capitalize “Alah” which is also “Allah,” and why is “God” not capitalized.


Because god is a fabrication designed to control the ignorant masses that are capable of reading books but can’t think for themselves. Clearly it’s worked.

Most of all, stop stalking spooon on graalonline. He’s gonna rape you

You agree with me and didn’t thank my post? PANAJIMA GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE!

Clearly I am not the only anti-theist here.

O.o Kalzor is right, but thats a whole different story O.o

I like benzy’s attempt at gs3333

And here I thought my opinions on god-deception were well documented…

Is that why she works at Riteaid?

i still feel we should be handing out tinderboxes.