Better chat system

Hi guys!

I don’t know if this has already been talked about, but the ingame chat system really sucks…

Could there be a way to capture what each player says and show the content in an img bubble or in a part of the windows that would serve as a minichat?


is the text string size limited to how much data a server string can hold?

On evi, no because no server string were used. However, if you were to use server strings, then yer… Although I think server strings are only cropped in length when someone manually updates them.

Server strings don’t have a limit to how much data they can hold I believe, only a limit of what they display it seems in RC. Anyways, you’d be fine with using the current character limit with a custom chat system.

How did evi do it?

Each time a player used the mass option, it used a triggerhack to send an execscript to each player’s chat weapon which logged conversations independently.

of course. it’s always a trigger hack.

Much more efficient method than server strings for anyone who’s wondering. 10/10 would use again. ^

Here you go, I advise you to look at this and use it as a REFERENCE to make your own.

Any specific reason why we can’t use this as it is?

Some people don’t like to share. Though I think trix is trying to get you to learn gs2.

HAH! People actually used my execscript idea!

It’s a good idea


It’s actually pretty handy and a much more elegant solution than monitoring some serverstring on a timeout loop. I’ll find the thread and see if I can sticky it right now actually…

Hahaha that’s very kind, but I’m currently quite deep into C++ and html5/css3/jquery so for now I’m only trying to get my Classic Server running smoothly and fix most stupid glitches.

I plan on going deeper into GS2 this summer, so I like to copy-paste useful scripts for now :stuck_out_tongue:

And I don’t quite see the reason to get greedy about code, code is the easiest and most useful thing to share, as we always develop new ideas based on each other’s ideas. This applies especially when a small community is trying to keep something alive, like this game :stuck_out_tongue:

A good chat system on all servers would be an enormous plus to this game, as many new users who’d like to use this game to chat get annoyed by how dumb the system is.

I don’t even know why GS2 was brought up.

I dont either. I fat fingered that post. Sorru everyome.

So is there any script I could use to improve the chat without hurting anyone’s feeling?