big problem <.<

Well, yea I just read the tuto . but i don`t understand. D:

Some information .

I have a Internet–> modem–> Router (speedstream router)
my local router ip:
IP :

I call my friend to join my server but he cant log cuz of the error connection D:.

so Can anyone can help me? =( :smiley:

do you know anything about port forwarding

SpeedStream is not a “Router”, it is a DSL Router.
Effectively, it is a modem that pretends to be a Router…

So your connection is either,
Internet -> Real Modem -> DSL Router -> PC
Internet -> DSL Router -> PC

If you do happen to have a real modem, not one of those ‘partial router’ pieces of shit. Please disconnect your speedstream… Otherwise, if you need it for multiple computers, please get a real Router.

ok thanks but When I go to my port fowarding link.
it show me acess denied ._.

I told you to stop trying to route through your SpeedStream, it’s a DSL Router and they can’t port forward for shit.

Seriously, why does no one listen? I say these things for a reason.

Because you were adopted.

and Noone liked you!

A day in the life of Opshon.

which option

Good question (and pun).

Lol nvm it just worked :smiley:

Beholder stop deleting my post >.<

You mean your 99 “In Soviet Russia” posts? Never.

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