Big problem of sound....

Check here is i have a problem of sound with Graal, i dont hear any sound… And it only on Graal… Someone can help me please ? :frowning:

F1 > General > Audio

All is ok … But no sound …

Try reinstalling the client, check your sounds folder to see if there are .wav files there.

I try 5 times to re download it, but nothing … And yes wav files are inside.

what audio drivers dont support graal?

If you talk to me. i dont no lol

Lemme guess…

You’re using 64bit Windows Vista / XP

Yes Vista 64bit

Well, you’re a wee bit fucked I suppose.
Apparently it was an on going issue with the clients until Graalv5, and even then you had to manually change a setting. They had no fix for it.
I doubt Win98 compatibility mode would help.

So i must stand for graal v5 ? :frowning:

Or install 32bit.

finaly i have 32 bit color not 64 rofl

O_o Um… what?

With windows 7 its fine :smiley: (64bit here)

Yeah that 64 bit color has been giving me shit for years now!

But me i have 32 rofl gllt

They mean a 32bit Operating System. 32bit Vista or Windows XP.
This revolves around the processor… Not your viewable colors.

But yes, Windows 7 x64 seems to work for Graal.

Where i suppose to see that ? Beholder ?

Edit: I found, i have a 32 bit

Not to be somewhat offtopic but those needing to harvest information about their computer should pay attention to

Yes, I know about Lavalys Everest etc but that’s good enough to extract information from people such as “What Windows are you running?” and “32bit or 64bit OS?”

Just sayin’ (Oh and it can upload all that info to their servers with a sharable link. Snazzy.)

Hot damn, that’s freakin’ amazing. That’s nothing like looking at Device Manager or Start>Run>“dxdiag”. It’s all colorey and shit.