Biggest 'F*** You' moment in game history?

Deceased Crab actully cried tears of dispair. Even worse, it’s not even in the item-screen! Sobs

New moment or should i say game. Risen for PC/Xbox360. The biggest f*ck you in it is that is not very newbie friendly for the following reasons.

What is really going on
Who are you really?
Where do i go?
WAH i goot captured and forced to join the inqusition.

Howver, the game has alot of good perks for its cons. Mostly its almost like Zelda.

Golden Sun- hard for me cause i was little and new to turn based rpg. I beat it though.
Midnight Club II as a little kid. I would get furious when i was about to win the race. Then I crash.
far cry 2 - dont even ask.
modern Warfare 2 Campaign Veteran difficulty- omg i swear i died alot. Beat it though :smiley:

where in fc2? I found it easy as?

Chrono Cross. You have to play the game three times to get every character. You have to “let Kid die” to get Glenn, the best character in the game.

Suikoden. Two of my characters magically vanished and I couldn’t get a few other characters causing me to not touch the game since.

Breath of Fire III. The game has a fucking typo (says east instead of west or something along those line) in the note telling you where to go in the desert and ultimately gets you lost. Finally got through it with a walkthrough.

Dragon Quest VIII. 'Nough said.

Final Fantasy VII. There is a save point in the part of the crater you can’t return from.

Final Fantasy VIII. If you don’t talk to the mayor of Fisherman’s Horizon twice and leave his house instead, you get stuck outside of his house because you can’t go back inside and if you try to leave the screen Rinoa yells at you for not talking to him.

Chrono Cross. Giving you the idea that suicide is the awnser for power! XD

Here is one RPG that it a biggest FU of all time.

seiken densetsu 3/Secret of Mana 2 - The whole game made me want to kill myself as i suffered on completing the game (Two whole goddamn days). The ending pushed me into actully wanting to change suicide into suicide bombing squaresoft for making a horrible sequal to Secret of Mana.

I was thinking of times the game actually had a “Fuck you” moment. Not games that made me say “Fuck you”

Harvest Moon Tree of Tranquility for having wrong stating seeds are growable in wrong seasons, the horrible voices, the crappy music downgrade, the ugly way they decided to set farming, how you cant pick up chickens, and to add something random OH LETS THROW IN A FCING OSTRITCH and as well, Oh hey lets make it worse by adding use of the WiiMote for Events you don’t even get prizes on. AS well as saying seeds are regrowable when they arent -,-. The original resident evils for the monotone sounds like bad voice actors. THE DOOR IS LOCKED, No, I just can’t fucking go in. Why not just shoot through the lock with your pistol? HEY! That would make to much sense.

Not exactly “Fuck you” moments… but, yeah, Harvest Moon is shit.

I like Harvest Moon…

if you want a farm game where you can pick up your chickens, go play Facebook’s Farmville

Twiggy, thats a retard moment. But really…

Jill: Chris, can’t you kick the door down?
Chris: No Jill, im afraid the door will fight back!
Jill: Chris, you suck!
Chris: Dont make me eat you jill sandwich
Jill: Coming from Chris Crispie
Chris: You b*tch im gonna punch you in the face!

And there was the lost argument from Resident Evil 1. Somthing ‘Alone in the Dark’ for 360 has that RE Doesnt have. However if you want a f*ck yo from a movie, watch Avatar and then watch Robocop 1. Now… does Avatar seem crappy after watchign Robocop?

Robocop > Avatar

Oh and Dead Rising… I hate that game. the saving is a freaking bitch.

Dead Rising feels like it was made by SEGA. So i get your point.

the space battles on Ratchet and Clank Going Commando, I ended up saying Fuck you and throwing my controller across the room…I thusly needed to purchase a new controller.

also, Legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening, I was still young, going to elementary school…I got to the end boss finally, and he would always kill me, I got so pissed off I slammed the gameboy onto my knee several times, breaking the screen all to hell, I thusly hid the evidence, my mother didnt find out untill we moved to a new house 8 years later when she found the gameboy while rummaging through boxes for things to keep and throw out…she got pissed and thusly threw the gameboy at me as hard as she could…

some computer games even piss me off to the point where I punch my monitor, though I try to restrain myself so I dont break my laptop >.> (my desktop monitor to date has been punched over 500 times)

Thusly I never want to get on your bad side.

I noticed my Posts keep getting deleted and they aren’t even saying anything offensive? Nor am I being told they are being deleted as they should be as it says in the forums rules?

For some reason players can’t see the reasons given for having their posts deleted. Cadavre, Beholder, and Agret killed a bunch. I’ve deleted posts too. They aren’t even close to being all yours, actually they are mostly mine. So no worries.

lolol Sucks for us. And I didn’t say every post deleted in the forums was mine either, I said a MAJORITY of my posts I post that aren’t even offensive get deleted you fist pumper.

Crazy Taxi, really like wtf, does it ever end, I never could beat that game, i like to hit other cars way to much and ppl

Here is one game that is the biggest f*uck you completely…

Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 (XBOX360/PS3)

The game made me want to rip my own eyeballs out and remove both my hands. And that is not the pain i like to enjoy! Oh wait, did i say i enjoy pain? Yes i did, if the game is addicting and it has an optional dungeon that has a ‘f*ck you’ moment inside it. I will try it!