Biggest 'F*** You' moment in game history?

Who experienced one big ‘f*** you’ moment, post a reply of one to save us the trouble. This is a type of spoiler threat for the good of your mental health. But i reccomend you keep spoilers to a min as much as you can while making it worth reading.

La-Mulana: Hell Temple. They guy warns you that the treasure that must not be seen is not worth getting. However, your curiosity gets the best of you and you endup playing through Hell Temple suffering a real meaning of hell where death counts as Releif. After defeating ‘The Boss’ you finally have the ability to nab the treasure. You get your final warning. Obviously you ignore it and… There is your f*uck you moment. The treasure will make you cry actual tears of dispair as you have wasted time in your life and you are filled with murdarous rage at the game. What is this treasure exactly? This i will not spoil.

I hope none of you guys attempted Hell Temple too… If you have read it, i might have just saved your ass!

King’s Quest. That game was virtually un-fucking-beatable.

Call of Duty: Modern Noobtube 2 - multiplayer wise

Call of Duty (Classic) - Single player wise (Veteran)

Mario RPG when you steal the guy’s coin’s before you let him in his house :smiley:
Or maybe when the Mayor of that one town gives you one coin for getting him tickled so many times.

“Tell me Mario, are you immune to tickle torture?” you get 1 coin

Sounds like it could make a child develope a tickle fetish. XD

Graal P2P.

I buy loaf of bread every day.

Super Mario 64 and Diddy Kong Racing.

There’s nothing wrong with Mario64!

Well I was younger when I played, and got very frustrated with some worlds.

Mario 64 was a wicked game, but I agree it could be very frustrating. I recently just got my N64 out. Been playing Pokemon stadium and super smash bros. Hoping to get some of my other games back from a friend who’s borrowing them. I think he has my Mario 64 or I sold it :X

Project 64 ftw :slight_smile:

Biggest ‘Fuck You’ moment?

Seeing DK64.
L4D bad PuGs.
Being banned from OGCC.

Phantom Brave: We Meet Again. Invincible Prinnies. -_-

Oooh i just found somthing tastfully annoying for a fighting game.

Gill in Street Fighter 3 Can ressurect himself extending the round giving him full health again if you defeat him. However he only does it IF his special meter is full. Whats worse is that he gets a perfect if he defeats you with full health after ressurection. To prevent full health, interfere with his move… but there is a low chance of doing it in time.

They remade Super Mario64 for DS you know. They also added playable Luigi, Yoshi and Wario. And actully changed the hat system.

Yeah, I remember that. I would bring him down to low life then try to entice him to do a super so he couldn’t resurrect. It is very hard to hit him out of his resurrection as the game pushes you away from him.

M. Bison in Street Fighter Alpha 3 is also a major pain in the ass. In the Alpha 3 storyline, M. Bison constructs the Psycho Drive, a machine which super amplifies his psycho energy. As the end boss, his special move is a full-screen psycho crusher. It can hit anywhere on the screen within the time frame of Ken’s weak punch. And it takes 90% of your life. Yeah. That is a pure BS moment when he kills you out of your weak punch.

which is why people decided to make Infinite Health cheats and hacks for all games with these kinda parts.

Street Fighter movie. Epic fail.

Actully, i found a character that can easily interfere with Gill’s ressurection. It is the mysterious (Not mysterious for me as i see more when i look at him.) Q.

And about Hell Temple…

Poor Deceased Crab… He sufered so much to get this in the end.

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