'bigmap=' in serveroptions should be in the same order as in setmap GS1 command

serveroptions.txt ( https://code.google.com/p/gs2emu/source/browse/gserver-v2/trunk/bin/servers/default/config/serveroptions.txt )

bigmap = maptext,mapimage,defaultx,defaulty

minimap = maptext,mapimage,defaultx,defaulty

This would means maptext and mapimage would be in different order of parameters than the GS1 setmap as defined in commands rtf file:
setmap imgname,levelnamesfile,x,y; changes the map, the player will be placed on (x,y)
setminimap imgname,levelnamesfile,x,y; changes the minimap, the player will be placed on (x,y)

It is still unclear to me if the server does really do as the comment says, or if people are so used to setmap command that they do as in GS1 and get the right result.

BTW: does it replace localstart coordinates? Are x,y between (0-63)? If so, which level in levelnamesfile?

This isn’t a problem if people read. x,y between 0 and 64 because levels are 64x64 tiles.

I don’t think you should be using setmap on official graal or graal reborn. Unsure exactly, but i think the server options is the better way to go.

If you have more than one map like Zolderon and Graal the Adventure, you need to do it by script.

I think the way it was supposed to be done on graal was additional lines of bigmap= in the server options though. Unsure if we support that, but I know that’s how it was supposed to be done on graalonline.

GraalOnline uses GMAPs.

Talking about years ago lol.

Okay so I looked, we only support one bigmap line in server options but i noticed a maps= server option that loads multiple map files similar to gmaps. That could possibly work for multiple maps

maps= works. You just list the txt files.

so in that case that would be the better way i think. or does it not allow you to use map image?

You still have to use a script to set the map, then you put in the map files so the server shows players in adjacent levels.

Hmm, didn’t know - thanks for clearing it up. Has gmap been fully supported yet?

No, there’s still bugs and GMAPs seem to require a npcserver(or gserver hacks) to get fully working.

I did it that way because that is how Graal does it:

I always default to how Graal does it, so I won’t alter the way it works. Marking as resolved.

I think they are pixel coordinates, actually.



Correct, they are pixel coordinates. It is where player heads are shown on maps/mini-maps when they are not on that map. (bumping because someone actually asked me about this thread wtf)