BigMap problem... new issue.

Been trying to make a bigmap of what I have developed of my overworld so far and it works alright, but there are a few levels that just won’t sit where they are supposed to. Here is my text

"","overseer's_woods_templeentrance.graal" "onlinestartlocal.graal","overseer's_woods.graal" "riverrapid.graal","overseer's_home_rear.graal","","mushroomcity1.graal" "riverrapid1.graal","overseer's_home.graal","","mushroomcity0.graal" "riverrapid2.graal","riverbend.graal","mushroomwoods.graal","mushroomwoods1.graal"

And here is an image with what I end up with on the left along with each level name, and to the right of it the Desired Result.
Which, to me it looks like in the text I should get the desired result… what’s wrong here?[ATTACH=CONFIG]3301[/ATTACH]

Looks like since you only have 2 levels on the first line then it expects only 2 levels for all the other lines.

Oh okay, I get it now. Never stopped to think I was making a grid. Thanks a lot hosler, much appreciated.