Bigmap.txt not working

Hi guys, sorry for the numerous posts lately, i’m trying to get my old 1.39 gserver files working on the 2.4.0 GServer.

After hours of work it finaly seems to work, except for 2 things:

  • I can’t load any levels but .graal and .nw files, I had .zelda, .sil and .lost files that I added in the foldersconfig.txt, but the server fails to load them when I try to warp into any such level.
    (In case there is no solution, i’ll try to switch them to .nw files, but it’s gonna be a real pain in the ass fixing broken links)

  • My bigmap.txt file loads successfully, but my character won’t appear or move on the map… Any idea??



Thanks a lot for your help!

Fixed the bigmap by renaming it to classicmap.txt!