Bitmap font

I made a script similar to this in another thread, but it was only for numbers. This one is for everything.

if (created) {
  setstring client.line0,Holy shit! Bitmap font!;
  for (i=0;i<strlen(#s(client.line0));i++) {
    showimg 700+i,sp_font.png,x+(i*32)/16,y; //remove the /16 if you enable the changeimgvis part
    a = ascii(#e(i,1,#s(client.line0)));
    if (a == 0) changeimgpart 700+i,0,64,32,32;
    else changeimgpart 700+i,(a%16)*32,int(a/16)*32,32,32;
    //changeimgvis 700+i,4;

fucking epic


np thx the post

u add this as a weapon or in the folder exescript?

… do whatever you want

-.-. i mean, how do i execute this script?

He gave an example on how. Stop being lazy and test shit please.

so am i the one being lazy? a dude that can’t fackin explain where to? i can’t because i dont have my pc here.

That makes no sense. How is you not being at your PC our problem? If you don’t know how to look at a script and see that you have to make it into a weapon yourself, you shouldn’t be using my script.

i though there could be more friendship between fellows. but bleh. if so i guess i don’t deserve to use the script.

no one knows everything and learns as fast as everyone.

What does friendship have to do with this?

There’s not alot to learn in this thread seeing as Spooon did all the hard stuff for you, and even that wasn’t “hard”…

I’ll give a second example of spooon’s code:

if (keypressed && keydown2(keycode(b),true)){
  setstring this.line,I pressed a, wo0p!;
  this.placeX = screenwidth/2;
  this.placeY = screenheight/2;

function drawText(){
  for (i=0;i<strlen(#s(this.line));i++) {
    showimg 700+i,sp_font.png,this.placeX+(i*32),this.placeY;
    a = ascii(#e(i,1,#s(this.line)));
    if (a == 0) changeimgpart 700+i,0,64,32,32;
    else changeimgpart 700+i,(a%16)*32,int(a/16)*32,32,32;
    changeimgvis 700+i,4;

I run scripts in my head and they always work

That script won’t work Tricxta.

It should work but the writing will be cramped. I didn’t want to give him a prestine example anyway…

No it won’t. Look at it.

k fixed. Who cares anyway.

Eroz might try to use it and bitch that it doesn’t work.