Or whatever his name is.

Your trolling isn’t funny. It’s not even entertaining to watch. You’re just passing it off as prepubescent teenager angsty angst.

Improve your “trolling,” because right now you’re just bashing others.

And he’s stupid, too.

I don’t see a difference between the trolling style you and I possess.
Don’t feel bad about yourself. I’m here for you.

No Blaze, it’s not even like it’s because you want to mess with people and then make them understand that you mean no harm at all. It’s like you legitimately think these people deserve to have names thrown at them all over the forums, and that you can get away with being a 2 year old. That thread you made about me highlights this very problem. You can’t even take a joke so you throw a hissy fit about it. That shit doesn’t go far for anyone. Grow up.

edit: just bottom line, fix your damn “trolling” so that it’s not bashing. It’s hard to look at other people squirm when it’s not funny. I wish I could lock threads, but someone else can do it for me if they please.

K this isn’t like you. Now you’re just being a whiny bitch. Seriously I don’t want to be the one who isn’t complaining, but this is just stupid. You’re on the Internet. Deal with it.

Oh, and in case you haven’t noticed, I don’t take most of this shit seriously. Most of my insults come from my inner child. There ain’t nothing you can do to piss me off. Unless it involves ponies or Dashie of course, THAT’S when I get protective. Other than that, I simple love, love, LOVE your false assumptions. ^.^ goodnight Yen, make sure to lock your bedroom door to protect yourself against mosquitos.

no, faggot. Deal with my complaint.

edit: for someone so ‘untouched’ by my posts, you seemed to make a defensive statement really fast.

edit2; I also love how you hate my trolling style, and then 4 posts later do the exact same post. Admit it, you can’t be original, so you resort to copying.

Ok there are three ways I can do this.

  1. Don’t send me pony porn or gore. (You know who I’m pointing this towards)
  2. Do not insults my fondness from ponies.
  3. And yes, I have feelings too despite my ability to hide them. So don’t think what you say doesn’t hurt me, because it does but I suck it up and get back at you.

Three simple rules. ^.^ hope you understand. When followed I’ll always be a cheery, happy nub. Pinkie promise.

As someone who has done much trolling and has been trolled, I can tell you the best kind of troll is one that is obviously bad, won’t go away and won’t care. Ponies and justin beiber have worked fantastically in the 21st century towards this end. Back in my day it was simply flooding IRC with the same ASCII garbage for hours, or sending a GOATSE or Tubgirl image. You want to learn from the best? Then find the Kim Jong Il that defaced the GO playerworlds, website and forums for several years. Anything that makes the victim cry or pull their hair out will work great!

Blaze no one likes your ponies, no one. NOT ANYONE.

You couldn’t be more wrong…

Except, actually trolling people like that here will get you banned. Tolerable Funny trolling =/= actual trolling.

Actually the My Little Pony fandom has populated the world. You can find bronies everywhere. On Minecraft, Runescape, Maplestory, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. Did I mention the noctorious Notch himself watched a few episodes and enjoyed them? He lost a bet to TheHumbleBronyBundle to see who can donate more to a cause. NOTCH got outdonated by BRONIES.

I respect you the most out of all the GR community now. <3

So when is he getting his ban?

In your dreams

Hey Blazefire, I do like ponies
I’m actually a brony myself
I’m also a weeaboo, an artist, and a complete nerd too.

but you know what? That doesn’t mean I go around spreading it everywhere I possibly can like it’s going out of style.

You’re still really annoying though. You bite more troll bait that a political candidate. You’re practically eating it for dinner.

Learn to ignore posts, already.

I already ignore Downsider.

I’m just keeping this up so blaze gets banned eventually lol

We need an official “everyone ignore Downsider” day.