Boat minigame

I’ve started this almost exactly 3 years ago but left it because it was really buggy. It was complete but a real challenge at the time to debug. Thankfully, I’ve made the script easy to read (for me at least) so I was able to near completely debug it this week. But I got lazy, it became patchy and while recording the video I’ve realised that when a level ends with two boats colliding, the player boat couldn’t move on the next level.

It’s incomplete so I’m not showcasing it but I’m leaving a zip here for whoever could want to play around with it. Right now I’m trying to figure out challenging levels so feel free to use the editor and post screenshots.
(For some reason, the video starts with the end…)


Boat level

now make the boats kancolle characters and it’ll be 10/10

he doesn’t know what those are :expressionless:

yeah cuz if he knew he would’ve already made it that way

This could be a server in its own right. All you need is an upgrade store and achievements and it could actually be pretty hooking.