Bodies Help xD

Okay, When I go to set a custom color set body, how do I make it to where it’s usable exactly online without going insane by the “setcolors”

I put all these colors not used by the default setcolors.

Then I put 256 colors, set trans to a dark dark green color, or light purple.

Then it goes crazy (The colors?) as soon as I set my body to it? o:

Help? :stuck_out_tongue:

I made a step-by-step tutorial on the official Graal forums but they’re down right now.

Open body.png, and look at it’s palette to see which index co-responds with what color/body part.
The color at the index can be whatever you want, its only the index that matter.
If graal doesn’t bother with the index (say, index 10 and up) the color remains static.

How does it work with 32-bit bodys in V5?

I assume the 32bit bodies don’t have palette swapping capabilities.

That’s lame.

Bodies is every GFXer’s big challenge like heres what i call the hard scale
bodies for the first time are usually bad and they put you down but you gotta practice tutorials are nice and all but they make you feel like you have to do it one way and when you make a mistake it is often confusing try your own method first then see a tutorial then take whats good about both and try that :smiley: be creative and take that stick outa your ass if your following tutorials to much >:)