Body Template

I need a body template from this head. Sorry I forgot to add this head to the last post I made. :P[ATTACH]1787[/ATTACH]

Please Help!

What exactly do you mean by “body template”? Also, your left and right facing “heads” aren’t going to look right because they’re missing depth. In other words, that’s a series of faces, not heads.

Can you fix it?

Body template? Body.png
work within a 32x32 grid. Some body spritesheets have bits that over extend outside of their 32x32 sprites- but they’re still not correct.
only exception to the 32x32 is the dead frame, which you’ll find centered in a 64x32 box.

The only “noobs should not enter” subject of making or editing a body image is the palette.
The palette indexes control the transparency, and things like “setshoe”
Refer to body.png for the correct palette indexes.

No, I need a template made like one in Zone, or Kingdoms or something.

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What do you mean “fix it”? Are you asking us to do the work for you? If we do that then it won’t be your server anymore but a conglomeration of the work done by others.

Look in <graal_client_folder>\levels\heads for examples of what sizes/shapes/proportions heads should have and then give it a try yourself. If you run into a road-block, try a little more. If after an hour or so of slamming your head against the wall you still haven’t figured it out, then come ask us for tips/advice.

I know I have tried but it was a COMPLETE fail. So, I want someone to help me make it.

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Please help.

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Please help.

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