Bomber Arena

Oni crashed bomber!!! >:[

LOL already hit up the B-man on AIM

Not my fault you and Parn never played on pumpkin. :confused:

and the list server is still fucking down

Where else will people idle!?

It got back up like 30 minutes after I posted lol. (Bomber Arena)

It got back up after I IM’d Beholder, actually.

minecraft .

why is that server the only gold one anyhow…

Don’t worry, Xialza will be the next gold server. You can even ask Cadavre. :slight_smile:

How tha fuck Did oni even manage,Guess its like tricxta said when your on crack the sky is the limit.

no it won’t it’ll be silver

Meh as long as its not bronze I’ll be happy :slight_smile:

ACTUALLY, I heard that a Platinum category was being added JUST FOR XIALZA! >:)

I lold.