Bomber Arena

connection could not be established . any one else having this problem ?

Joey’s the host. Blame him.

Server has been restarted. I think it has to deal with a port fucking up. O_o

rather then make another topic i thought id throw these in here .


… removed …

they are for Bomber Arena if Beholder chooses to use them .

The pot was nice, so was the candle… The sign, not so much. :stuck_out_tongue: It doesn’t look like it’ll fit very well with the rest.

Aye the candle is nice, though I’d have to ask where its from.

candle = the web gifs folder , which i cant find right this moment but it was done with ani-magic but i have no idea who did it , info said it came from a web site . the pot tho is beholders , which is why i left the name under eye . all i did to it was removed the plant parts and took out diagonal lines to give it that beholder/transparency look .

The pot image without the plant in it already exists, just not in the “placing” image, lol
As the for “beholder look”, the dithering/transparency is for users without DirectX, actually quite a few of them on the server because they end up getting chained in the Arena.

However, given the context for the candle. Can’t accept it, higher quality original works only.

i was going to work on some basic stuff like the push/pull blocks , chest , vase . but there is a vase its just not possible to drop it with out a plant in it .but here’s one that’s 100 percent original . it started as a chest but became a wooden bench with seat belt’s or something .


removed due to BS .

any opinion’s ?

Still looks like a chest, lol

Beholder isn’t going to accept any of them because he doesn’t know where they came from.

please see above post as it does say where they came from . :marlon:

And he didn’t make them.

I should have added that in.

o_o Haha, sorry. Not going to accept the rescale.