Bomber Request

I had the greatest idea ever!!

Probably not, but I was thinking that Balloon Fight would be the ultimate addition to Bomber Arena. Especially since you could probably patch something together using Gravity Bomb. Cadavre would probably even make up some music for different stage themes. :wink:

Haha, I thought of Balloon Fight a long while back, forgot about it.
Reminded of an old awesome flash game I played a long while back, and take it from me, I generally hate all flash games.

So that means you’re making it right? Maybe as an early Christmas present for Spooon?

Spooon already has enough coal shoved up his stocking.
He already has enough to get rich in a distopean future.

Bah, make it for somebody else then… Otherwise I’m going to attempt it myself and it will be dysfunctional, poorly rendered, and nobody will ever play it.

If you make it I’ll fix it :smiley: and I like Cadavre’s Negro beats!

Sounds good, we don’t need anything I make reproducing.

Balloon Fighter might give people a change to beat me at something.

Other than spelling? :blush: