Bomberman Server !

Im starting a bomberman server on Graal, not reborn, BUT i need the help of you guys badly mane :frowning:

This server is based off Bomberman Online, the grid is slightly bigger than that of Bomber Arena.

I overall want a more competitive bomberman feel to this server, itll be more fast paced…

I have a server on Graal currently, just need people to help with the basic scripts and levels

I like to code but not enough to help you make a clone of Bomber Arena for official Graal that I’ll never have to enjoy because fuck official graal.

Btw, you’ll need people who will code in GS2. I don’t know of anyone here who gives a fuck about GS2.

clone of bomber arena ? this server will be nothing like bomber arena besides the point it is based off bomberman.

this server is based off BMO… which means there will be Bomber Punch, Bomber Kick, Full speed start off every match,Bomb Glove, no revives like on arena, Belt level up system etc

I really just needed basic stuff like Dropping bomb in place script, unlimited bombs in arena that go up by powerups, blocks that drop power ups etc.

Im sure GS1 scripts work on graal also, ive uploaded .graal levels and had scripts work…

You are barking up the wrong tree here. It’s not even a matter of GS1 or GS2. Nobody here is going to help you bro because official graal has already made enough money off of every ones hard work. Ask Antago maybe he will help you lol.

ok, here’s some basic stuff, you can pay me once your server becomes SUPER LEET!!! (because of my awesome scripting capabilities)

Drop bomb in place:

if(keypressed&&keydown(5)){ putbomb 1,playerx,playery; } Unlimited bombs if(timeout&&hasthatdamngoodpowerup){ playerbombs = 99; timeout = .05; } Blocks that drop power ups

  putnpc powerup#v(random(0,powerupcount)).png,powerup#v(random(0,powerupcount)).txt,x,y;

For that last one you might want the powerup image, and the powerup text file to align lol. Unless you want random pictures AND random powerups.

Understand that what you really want are complete functionning systems and that it is not basic. You will not acquire a functionning server by just piling up simple scripts, unless your server is Link to the Past online… and even then.

I wanted to rectify because of redundance but went “meh, too lazy”.

I know GS2, it’s good!

not gonna lie, this community is so cool lol… you guys are what humans are suppose to be :cry:


No, your server doesn’t have enough GPs. Come back when you have a minimum of 20; us developers need to be able to feel safe when we work.

dont need my black players being harassed by some silly GPs :colbert:

come make history tricxta:fro:

I can make sure there’s no black players on your server so you won’t have to worry about them being harassed

Nobody here is interested in making Unixmad money.

Are you paying for this job, Chewbaca? Or you want a developer to write code for you for free?

ill pay. we can work a pay plan out… are you willing to do it ?

For the right pay and flexible time, I’ll do it.

Nty anymore…

zodiacs scripter is now scripting some stuff for the server, hes made the basic stuff like bomb snapping to grid, bomb detecting walls, powerups etc.

if anyone would like to help for the sake of helping they can.

He can look at bomber arena bomber man code for bomber reference

Follow up next bomber week, on the same bomber day at the same bomber channel.

Nanananananana Bomber man!