Booby Traped Box (Bomb1.png)

Image Downloaded Here

Goes great with the sword sound I made, just save
your originals in a safe place then overwright these
new ones on top ie, bomb1.png and bomb.wav

Sound Downloaded Here

Thought this one up last night before bed
then worked all day to get the placement correct…

anyway using this instead of bomb1.png makes more sense
since theres a reason the spikes only damage in four

Still can’t shake the feeling that I’ve seen this somewere
else on this forum sight…

had to keep saving my .png to .gif then saving my .gif to .png
or it would not show up when used. (This file works)

are there any dangers of me using this grafic online as bomb1.png?
do they only affect what I see or will it overwright other persons files?

If you upload it somewhere, it will over write their images.
If you keep it to yourself or distribute it manually to those who want it (like here), then it will remain a local change.

Interesting concept though, the viewing angle is mirrored of Tibia though, lol


By the way I made this pixel by pixel
with you in mind Beholder

Lol I keep trying to make the the grade.

Tibia. lol

God I hate that perspective. It doesn’t make any god damn sense.

Espescially since they have all different objects in different perspectives. Riminds me of some other game… Graal.

Aaaah, everything is falling! I second Shiny’s opinion.


I dont like that game -_-

ffs, atleast do a good job…

The Fi xd to prfextion

Anyway, to answer the question; there is probably no way to change another person’s states.png or say, bomb1.png. people used to edit states.png and upload them for others to use as a skin to make the game feel more customizable. The way you would use the skin is to overwrite your file in the main Graal directory (you know, the one with the folder Levels etc.) so if someone does want to use it they can just Save As bomb1 in the main Graal directory.

New Look Same Bomb

Didn’t want to start a new thread just to show this
renewal… I will fix the perspective on the box one

It looks like a land mine o-o

Ok Fixed Perspective

Fixed the perspective and now here it is
now I think I’ll work on the Colors they
just kinda sit there.

i like it.


What’s it look like ingame?

It comes along pretty nicely and looks more realistic rather than the original. Here, check this out.

So real-

I can’t tell if your using your sarcasm card or not. xD