Book club

Who wants in?


I shall join this noble order of scholars Good Sir hosler

Awesome. Shall we discuss discuss what book to start with, or continue on with my sci-fi/fantasy spree I have been on? I downloaded a top 100 selection, and so far so good.

Let’s do Ender’s Game. I just started it!

Read it about 20 times, but I’m willing to read it again.

nerds, the lot of you!

Same here…

Read my aunt’s book.

Ready and willing

I’m serious. It’s good.

I will

John dies at the end… classic.

And then… John was a ZOMBIE!!!

surprisingly, with all the wicked stuff that happens in that book, there’s no zombie… but a whole lot of creatures that leave a taste of soy sauce in your mouth.

Shut up shut up shut up shut up. Stop talking about it before you spoil it.

Huh, John dies at the end is a book lol.

think he meant that ^^^

I am starting to read all the Star Wars Novels I just finished the Darth Bane Trilogy and Lost Tribe of the Sith…

Blasphemy! There can be only two sith lords in the universe at a time