Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 is coming out on September 18, was just wondering if anybody else shares my excitement and anticipation for this amazing fuckin game!

Borderlands 1 was over complicated. I thought it had too many weapons, and at times I was never really sure where to go. If the game had more direction and a bit of a better way to level up, I’d probably like it more. I hope Borderlands 2 fixes some of these issues, I hear a lot of people are happy about it coming out. :slight_smile:

Blasphemy! I found it very easy to get around Pandora, and what is wrong with billions of guns? That’s what makes the game so unique, everyone isn’t running around with the same gun. As for beating the game with every character, the guns (my personal opinion), make it different every time you re-play it. Also, what is wrong with the leveling up? I think it’s pretty cool you get to select the skills you want your character to have. All in all, this is my favorite game (other than Call of Duty). Already have it pre-ordered. :wink:

Ah man Riley I couldn’t agree with you more. I mod Borderlands, but I didn’t until I completely beat the game. I can’t wait for it, though. Do you have a PS3?