Not to bug or anything, but I cant gani for my life. Bayne made me a bow for navaria. And we dont know how to gani. Can anyone please take like 5 minutes out of their life to gani this for me?
Thanks. (I need a idle (maybe for the idle you take the bow and place it on your back or something idk.), walk, shoot)


take out the GraalShop
open an old gani
bow gani complete

Do this, and you’ll have learned a little today.

i dont know how to cut the images up in it.

as I said
step 3 study

look everywhere. It’s a tiny program. (hint: it’s at the top of the program)

I had a gani for it but unless someone has a Graal Games backup its gone.

Im failing right now… if u want to watch go to

I’d help if I knew anything, sorry bro. However, your attempt is admirable and I hope someone helps you with it.


dear god man open the editor . it has four cords, what could they pos be used for . i dunno like the x and y of the part on the sprite sheet and maybe height and width of each sprite piece ? I’m not even gonna go into using the timeline, work it out yourself .

setbow awesomeousmaximus.mpg;
setcharprop #3,shoot.gani;

lol I found my stuff