Bravo 2002 - New Overworld Progress

I have started and been working on the new over world by my self, with some help of trixcta.

I’m going to post some progress here.

Overworld - 90%
Berry Picking - 100% Finshed
Mining - 100% Finshed
Tree Cutting - 100% Finshed
Heart Quests - 2 Complete/5 Total
Level 2 Sword Quest - Complete
Level 3 Sword Quest - 15%

More ideas, will be added as i think about it.

If you have any questions, or ideas for quests or things to do. Please feel free to post.

I only have one of them quests so far. I planed on it being the only one aswell. Its going to be the only running on quest. The next ones will be more simple. Thanks for your opinion!

i hated that about the shaded legends quest’s . least Kandora’s were short and to the point .

shaded legend was pimp

Oh shit, i was messing with the script the other day and forgot to set it back… Thanks for letting me know, ill get it working! :slight_smile: