Bravo: Ages of Ignis(?)

Server went down… and still no sign of snake? :frowning:

No luck with finding that elusive Snake. I haven’t seen him or Wan sign into MSN in a week or two. :X

booga wooga wooga what happened to the server though

No idea it seems like someone removed it. As all the other servers are still in the list, but ours is no longer there. (Joeys control panel list that is)

its IP locked for the most part, could have been Joey’s server spazzing out, spazzed out against Bomber Arena for most of yesterday. Could try asking him when he wakes up from his binge. o_o

Ahh, ok. Thanks Beholder. I shall do so!

Bravo Online is being recreated on Graal V5-V6, and the aim is for the iphone/ipod touch platform.

those motherfuckers. what dicks.

Haven’t seen you for a while, MD.

If only he really made Endora then I would welcome him. Rip-off artist.

graal online must really be going down the hole if their remaking the old server’s . makes one wonder why they are not doing the same for THEIR servers like kingdoms or zone . :smiley:

Because Stefan is in control of GK and Zone.

More of the line of Zone, he doesn’t do much with GK since he gives full power to a single person every year and then they update it until they get bored then GK dies for a few weeks until someone new comes in and updates it. He also is in control of Era, Zodiac, and Atlantis. That’s why Atlantis NEVER dies even though it’s down more than it’s up ;D

Era is being made for the iPhone also, for all the iPhone servers they don’t have plans for being like the real servers, they are pretty much making them all “No single rare items everything can be earned by every person” type thing and it’s all earned through Events or buying with Gralats or even purchasing with other “Gralats” or “Green Platinum(Platinum as in GK, Green as in Cash irl)” in their greedy terms.