Bravo: Ages of Ignis(?)

What happened to this project?

She ruined it.


I use to work on this with Kronan and Eagle. Kronan basically left Graal and Eagle I dunno what he’s doing now. We got a shitload done though and I don’t have the levels anymore.

Yeah I know you guys got a shitload done, i remember seeing the map and going wow, scrawby was way out of place, but cool nonetheless. I especially loved the updated Centra ;o, That sucks that it just disappeared though.

Maybe see if Kronan still has the levels? I know his AIM.

IF chicken doesnt have em i doubt he does, but sure, go ahead =P

Or just don’t host it.

Haha, fear the power of the Dolphonian.

Kronan has no levels and nor does Eagle. Already asked a while back. I use to steal Dolphonias levels or w/e it was called lol.

I had a copy to hold onto a while back, was either from Shaun or Shinobi Legend.

of Bravo? or Dolphonia? I had it many years ago when all I knew how to do was place freaking pre made objects and I just modded the level a bit then submitted it lol.

Hey chicken, I know you were working on putting old bravo on a gmap awhile ago, did you ever talk to snakeandy about the one he did a long time ago too? As seen here:

It’d be nice to get ahold of that possibly. I wanna finish it :[

Snakeandy. :open_mouth: I haven’t seen him on AIM in a while. I wonder if he changed his screen name…

Yeah most likely :B

I’ll have a word to snake on MSN and see if he still has the levels. I still have the one I was working on. The only reason I stopped was because I couldn’t be fucked extending the map again as I made it to small, but yeh I’ll PM you if he still has them. Infact I may even have them I shall check my received files.

From what I last recall of his remake I got a lot further, but that was many a year ago, but you’re welcome to use what I started if you like. Updated a few levels in it, but nothing to serious.

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Just put up Bravo “New Ages” with Joeys hosting services. I added RC with full rights to Nalin and Skoopa. Feel free to do as you wish with what I started. Anyone else who’s keen to have a stab at it just ask me.

Awesome work chicken. Only needs about 10-15 levels added to the left of the map to make room for alaria,wateria,andray towns etc, after that i think the rest of the green will fit the levels. Im thinking I should put the ‘new’ scrawby around where snake put it on his map though so it’ll fit, unless you get his levels first =P.

Thanks. I was pretty fucking hammered last night so hopefully I didn’t fuck anything up.

That’s why I stopped as I ran out of levels to put everything in and I had already extended the map lol. bravo_ and bravob_.

Still trying to get a hold of Snandy. He’s seldom on MSN now days :X

Give RC access to BocoC too so I don’t have to change all of my old scripts. :slight_smile:

Ok. BocoC is added. Everything is a go. :slight_smile: