G’day all. I’ve been working on Old Bravo for the last few days adding it onto a map so it’s all linked. It’s a lot of work and sometimes tedious, but I will get it all on.

I know some that played Bravo probably wont approve, but I have also been updating the paths, detailing and some un-avoidable re-placing of some areas and adding onto stuff e.g the Coastal town tailor. I’m going to try keep it as Bravo feeling as possible, but also get it more up to date.

I will try to keep as much content as possible. I don’t want to remove any inside levels so that probably wont happen unless in the most extreme cases, but I can’t imagine what that case would be. I will keep all the old NPC weapons also and add new ones also I will add some new towns and what not.

Here’s a few screenshots.

Looks good, but can you fix these tiling errors for me T_T

I shall. I knew about them, but they are not to high priority XD

I will bug you about them until they are fixed

Do you guys think we can get a Bravo Online forum? :slight_smile:

Grab a horse, dismounting is still just as inaccurate. As long as you have 2~3 tiles to stand away and position yourself.

Kronan actually hosts the playerworld. I just do all the work XD

I’m missing a few important inside levels which is a pain and some outside levels. A couple of the quests are missing so I will have to go digging through some other Bravo server files.

Funnily enough my lame ass guild house is still on there.

Any help at all would be appreciated. I’ve got an update on the map which is just down bellow this post :stuck_out_tongue: I’m doing all this thing myself, but help would be appreciated. It’s basically a big fucking jigsaw and filling shit in adding it etc.

I’ve ran out of room to the left so I’ve got to gen a 3rd map to add onto the left of this one which will be cunty. I already did it to the bottom when I ran out of room.

As you can see I have been going along the coast and doing the water cliffs etc and added a few more levels in.

I think you should start planning an overview on that image there.
I’m happy to help if you need random forest maps

Basically with the map I’m following all the current towns and forest areas on Old Bravo. I’ll get some design going after all that stuff is added in so there can be new towns or what not added in.

Hows the progress of this going? I’d like to see more. =]

I have been a lazy cunt the last few weeks to be honest. I haven’t been on the PC as much as been spending time with my girlfriend and getting drunk, playing poker in a pub tournament. I’ll start some shit back up soon.

Wasn’t there a modern server called Bravo? I had fun there.

Wow, that brings back memories.

And yes, there was a ‘modern’ Bravo called Bravo Evolved. It was a really good server, pity it never got finished. Way better than Era.

Wasn’t Endora the RPG version of Bravo?

Endora was the NPC server version of Bravo I suppose it was quite shit. The only good thing about it was the fishing NPC.

That’s cool because I work on Endora. Actually, I don’t. Nobody does. But I do have rights and stuff on it. xD MD disappeared so nothing’s getting done.