brb moving

This internet service will be cut off today, I’m switching soon.
Moving into my new place officially 100% today all at once.
Things are kinda… sour here.

I probably won’t be absolute gone
but I won’t be absolutely here.

Could be a while til I get stable net again.
Matter of service issues rather than cash (entirely) though.

good luck man, cya soon.


Move into Spooon’s basement. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind.



no one is suppose to know about the spooon lair.


I’m on random wireless at my pad, may be online at my friend’s place from time to time but probably won’t waste my time on graal oops

actually i just bring it there

and let my battery die


i love you all

but most especially spooon (most especially no homo)
and riley (a little homo because color expertise time, graphics is ~FUN~)
and everyone else

like skoopa

he stays crunchy in milk and weed AND milkweed

Moving aint fun.

yes it is
one time my stepdad abused us and then i moved
so moving was very fun
because i wasnt being abused

Moving is fun. >_>