Broken Images

The skype button (to the left of each post, under the players avatar) and the “unhappy” post icons are broken images. Just looks crappy, so I thought I’d say something.

btdubs, the new boards are much faster. thanks Cadavre.

edit: skype button seems to have gotten a new lease on life.

Where is the unhappy posts icon?

you only find it when you click “Go Advanced” and don’t just do a quick reply. That or starting a new thread.

Ahh, well, that’s not a problem. Seems we’re getting new emotes anyway :slight_smile:

Does anyone have the icon?

I put the default vbulletin one up, if theirs a replacement you can send it and i’ll update. Save me the time though, uses gif lol

Riley and I made a bunch of new ones… They just need cut up.

All of them can be seen here:

Oh, and concerning the skype icon. The offline one seems to work, but the online one is borked.