[Bug] Level 2 Shield

So I used the conch shell on the glass block surrounding the chest containing the mirror shield, west of the entrance to the gnome kingdom, resulting in an empty opened chest. As a result, I cant get the level 2 shield

Come back on Graal the Adventure so I can fix it.

Ew, level 2 shield.

i’ll try and get on later, the server seems to be down

Level 2 shield does nothing.

anyone know when the server will be up anyway?

When Cadavre puts it back up. I’m not going to be on it so try to get Kalzor or Urza to give you the shield and flags from the chest and glass in dcavesw3.nw.


Correction, it does less than nothing. Lol

Since when do i have RC access to GTA?

Could someone fix mine too?

yup same here, my nick in the game is Pj3r also…
I’ll leave it there online for as long as my connection will hold it

thank you

@Urza Since the “In need of Manager” thread.

Why is it that nothing breaks for me on GTA but on Bomber Arena I got bugs Beholder couldn’t believe still exist?

O_O really? that’s fucked up…

Never mind the comment…
I got the Blood Axe, which seems to add lvl2 to my stats
Also I bought the mirror shield in the shop… quite expensive, but worth the trouble comparing to waiting for some one to finally come online :S

Like what again? o_o

I was hoping you would remember.

In other words you don’t have a clue either. lol
Only real “bug” is that “files over 64kb will shit kick your connections until they’re downloaded”

My player would randomly start walking in one direction or warp around. There were other things too but I can’t remember what they were.