Some guy was online this morning saying he couldn’t sell his hearts to finish intro quest.

Then he promptly called me a fag and logged off.

Hmmm. I just tried it. I had no problems…Didn’t you recently do it, yourself, hosler?

It worked for me. Maybe this guy was dumb

newfags don’t know how to drop hearts
is there instruction on pressing S+A?

…actually I don’t really remember you needing to drop hearts now

It’s the shop integration. You just select “sell” and select the number of hearts you want to sell. I guess it’s arrow key based instead of using the mouse. But, really. I shouldn’t have to explain that? Phoenix is A LOT about not spoon feeding everyone how to solve the puzzles (this isn’t even a puzzle…). There are times where we specifically don’t give you an answer to a solvable puzzle; every game in the 1980’s was made like this. If you get caught up in the tutorial and rage quit, then it’s not really our fault. Now, I can understand if you have preconceived notions about Graal – how it’s broken and such and then you discover and instance right away, you figure to yourself “shit’s broken. not worth my time” and leave.

All that said, we’ll still look at the code and make sure it’s not broken.

Was it Basi? Always doing his best to represent the values of Rommiel. rofl

Yeah it was basi

Well no I just had flashbacks to classic graal where in the tutorial you had to give the guy the hearts and sometimes it would glitch where you have to give him more than he asked for. There’s nothing really to explain with an automated system.