Bugs List/Announcements [Updated 1-23-2010]

The server is now playable, all old accounts have been wiped.


New content and bug fixes coming soon.

-A new hera has been added! It’s in BLOODKane’s maze! Be sure to go get it!
-A new hera has been added to the mines outside Gertude’s Orphanage! When you have the proper equipment go grab it!
-A new hera has been added to Lenny and Gary’s Tailor House Maze in US Town. Good luck!

-2 new spaceship landing spots have been added. One in front of Zol’s pub and one on the US City Island. The former warp to this island has been removed for plans to add part of a new quest there.

-A new hera has been added far far north of Graal City. Look for a suspicious bush to take you underwater!
-A new hera has been added in Sylphia City. Somone there wants you to think they don’t have anything nice upstairs!
-A new hera hut has been added to Chaotica Island!

–Known Bugs–
Please report all bugs in a new thread starting with [Bug] at the beginning of the topic, thanks.

-Saying setsword sword1,2, or 3.png actually gives you that power sword, and in most cases you end up jailed.
– setsword has been disabled, we will add our own system shortly.

-Occasionally some tiles will change for no reason, on any level, but especially on push and pull blocks.
–We’re actively working the find what’s causing this issue.

-Occasionally Bombs and Arrows gray out / become unusable.
–For now, the best solution is to simply select a different item then reselect bombs/arrows.

-The boats don’t show up.
–We’re working on it.

More updates than the next leading brand.

Added a small update! Suggestions for more landing spots are appreciated via PM.

2 more heras and a new hut!

All text maps work now. These include the graal castle, underwater, pyramid, moon map and others. Each with a big/mini map too.

(If you dont know what this means, basically, all the levels are connected into one giant map for those areas.)

Disregard this thread.