ill still check in with tapatalk when i can

but where are you going


Don’t come on my GraalOnline server saying it sucks. If you don’t like it, dont fucking go on it. Simple.

wtf are you talking about, i don’t even play graal online or visit UC servers, or know if you have one

way to taint a thread of good things

also your server sucks[COLOR=“Silver”]

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To a magical place with no Internet. See y’all in about 8 weeks

jerk, I thought that was me.

edit: have fun in “no man’s land”
cough not the war term for in between trenches in WW1…

come back or ill kill you
dont come back or ill kill you
come on my back or ill kill you

pick two

bullshit i caught you on shaded not even a week ago .


visiting not playing

if you want to fight pls fists up rite now

K back. Not home but I’m on the nets.

awesome, welcome back man.

Lol ur a Dick :wink: