Calender Award

How does it work? I just lost it to Darkblade who hasn’t been on the forums for about a year. His profile says that he has five Calender Events, but mine says that I have ten.

Joey, explain.


I think the fact that you can only have 3 awards at any given time has something to do with it. You probably lost calendar for something better.

=__= I want all of the awards.

I don’t want the spammer’s award ever again…


Incase he needs the number


Spammm Award = Winner :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep it, “winner”

Check me out with my Community and Most Popular Awards.

check me out with my better than all of you (Spooon exempted) combined awards

its a giant flash golden penis and it shoots disco lights

Sometimes when I look at this thread title, I read it as “cancer award”

everyone deserves that one

which linked me to the above post

to which i reply


lol this isn’t misc

but whoever said that needs to have an angry fap or something

It’s because someone people don’t like me, dood.

Hmm… I don’t have any awards :ohdear:


Someone please take my spam award back…
please? :frowning:

Then stop replying to every single thread on the forums. Somebody else will have a slight chance of taking it away if you try that.

I was inviting someone to spam more than I am. Not for me to stop. Jeez, read things better.

Off Topic: Kondie, are you seriously from Columbus?