Can Someone Help Me ?

ive just made a server called 12th Planet and id love to get some people to help with building levels or scripting dosent matter. I would just love to get help :smiley: and if anyone knows the drag script can u please tell me it i know i dont need it but its just fun to have :slight_smile:

Sorry OnPlanet, but you and hundreds of other people always ask this question - “Will you help me?”
I’m afraid you’ll be at a loss looking for people to do work for your player-world when you have nothing but a default OSL.
Tell me why would anyone want to build your levels or write your scripts?

I think as a community GR should write a universal answer and explanation for this ever-persistent question that we can just copy and paste every time someone asks for undeserving help.

You’re asking people to be your slaves.

If someone logs in your server do not follow them around with boots on like a rabid fucking dog.

You do not have to use all 4096 tiles when you make a level. Learn the link the properly, with in and out doors. If you enter a door facing north, you should exit facing south.


And detail your levels ffs. they’re embarrassing to gr.

I want to ban the person who made the drag tool and the boots. After I ban them I would delete their threads. Those tools have pissed me off so many times over the course of my stay at GR. :expressionless:

Play around with level editing and try to make your levels look better. Half the people that are active here wont even play your server if it looks like crap.

chill bro it hasent even been up a week[COLOR=“Silver”]

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[/COLOR]thanks for bieng honest[COLOR=“Silver”]

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[/COLOR]no just asking to help a little ? :confused: that may be what other people have asked of you

I hear you bro, this asshole was abusing the shit out of me with drag and his level 20 sword whilst I was on his server. Take no pity!!!

No, I mean the actual person who submitted them for people to steal them off of the forums.

i sign up to help out every now and again i did some LAT for him

bt it seemed like he spent no time do work on the sever to busy playing and spamming with others
he also hired people who cldnt do anything jst coz they were his friends
SO i quit :confused:

thank you for your treasured review

it will be printed out and thrown away as soon as possible