Can we use WhatsApp, Snapchat and Facebook Messenger for social media marketing

Possibly one of the most discussed social media and digital media trend, social messaging, is one of those trends you cannot afford to miss. Once social was the perfect storm. These days we are enchanted and captivated by both these platform. They are influencing how we work, socialize and interact.

Check these simple stats endorsing the potential of social messaging platforms;

[]Between the three, Whatsapp, Facebook, and snapchat, billions of messages are transmitted on a daily basis,
]Bots and Ads can be created to start chatting with speculative audiences.
[*]People prefer to chat over calling,
[/LIST] When executed appropriately, choosing the best social media marketing company can turn stagnant brands into success stories.

You should constantly look for social media and digital marketing trends worth looking into. Some of such trends includes using hashtags, going live, scheduling social media content in bulk, retargeting, watching out for social influencers, and much more. As marketers and entrepreneurs you are going to need to relinquish the practices and strategies that are not as effective as they were once. We are breathing in a rapidly changing world to keep apace with which you need to keep reinventing.

i did this but accidentally sent a dickpic to a customer and needless to say the sale didnt go well

I miss spam bots. They’re just ads now. [noparse]:([/noparse]

any spam or ads is at least something in this deadass place

Bots sharing good advice, can’t complain.

if anything this shitty spam ad is a testament to how bad their marketing would be if you payed for it

That ad in your signature is a completely different story though. Right?

It’s about time I switched over to shilling for a company that pays more

Hey I finally got the Internets yesterday, now I can social media too.


nice. faster than mine. i get i get like 2Mbits/s

Gotta say, you have me interested. Probably better than the current interest rate in Australia at 3%… :shrug:

With internet like that, just skip the social media and head straight for the HD goodness I say.

I looked into them and they were pretty shitty. Not sure what I was expecting to get back from Jews afterall.

No we cannot as they are not free software and do not respect your freedoms. Also they all spy on you and send the audio/video data to the company and 3rd parties for metrics, ads and analysis.