Can you set map.txt but no map.png?

I want the map to generate itself out of the open world levels only, is there a way to set no image as the original map and let the player generate the whole map by exploring it?

So far it seems to generate the new map over the old png file with many graphical glitches all around…

Thx a lot!

Disable automapping in options. (F1)

And please rename your files to something more uncommon so you aren’t overwriting files from other servers.

I used map.txt as an example, my map is named classicmap.txt

And I want the opposite, I want to have no image file, so that the whole map gets generated by the automapping option.

Just don’t include an image file in your setmap statement…

Doesn’t seem to work…

List of bigmap.txt type maps used by the server. It lets the server know the level layout

so you can see players move and talk in adjacent levels.

maps = classicmap.txt,ccbig.txt

List of gmaps to be used by the server.

gmaps =

List of group instanced maps used by the server.

Use full filenames, even for gmaps.

groupmaps =

The head used by RCs on the server.

staffhead = head25.png

Sets the bigmap and minimap to use.

Setting bigmap will break gmaps.

bigmap = maptext,mapimage,defaultx,defaulty

minimap = maptext,mapimage,defaultx,defaulty

maptext is the bigmap.txt styled file with the levels.

mapimage is the image to use

defaultx and defaulty is the position where the heads of players not on the map will be drawn.

bigmap = classicmap.txt
minimap = classicminimap.txt,classicmap2.png,0,0[COLOR=“Silver”]

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[/COLOR]It only works if I put a dummy name, like wtf.png

I tried

and the only one that worked was: mapname.txt,wtf.png,0,0

Use that in a level npc. Don’t bother using the server options.

Great, i’m making maps of some dungeons and areas from Graal Classic.


You have to set them in server options, though. (just the .txt files/level list) Otherwise you wont see activity or chat in adjacent levels. Typically what I would do though, is make a -map npc and give it to the DEFAULTACCOUNT.txt file under weapons or scripts (I forget the section) and add all the map setting info into the npc, this way all players get that file regardless of what level they start in. (May have to reset everyone)

Yeah, that doesn’t matter. His question was already answered.