Cannot get uploads to show, nor mounts etc.

Someone help? a few people are saying their uploads are invisible, don’t know how to fix, also i put a mount in images and ganis, its invisible?

people need to relog to see a new image uploaded. also it must be 8-bit png

Also, how are they uploading images? The gserver doesn’t do any filesystem watching for new files so you have to manually refresh the index in certain situations. If you upload through RC, then it is fine, as it will add the file to the index. But if they are using FTP or something, then you need to issue the /refreshfilesystem command inside RC or else restart the server.

We figured out the issue, also, do you know how to wear a hat?

generally I put it on my head and pull it down just to my ears. but in all honesty, I don’t think hats suit me that well

Haha funny, i mean’t how do you actually wear a hat in reborn?

setplayerprop #P1,hatpng;