Can't Connect to my server or RC

Here’s what’s going on. When I log in and select my server from the client, I get the message: Could not find the level offlinetutorial_b-2.graal.
When I try to log into RC, it simply says: Cannot connect to the server!

The last thing I remember doing is renaming the folder containing the gserver that’s saved on my desktop. After experiencing this I even tried renaming it back to exactly how it was previously.

I’ve inspected my account .txt just to make sure, but it shows that I should log in at onlinestartlocal.
The only thing I can think of is that I may have somehow crossed some wires while dual clienting(1 client on the server, the other using the level editor).
but this still doesn’t explain why I’m having the problem. I’ve also already tried logging in with another account, still get the same error.
The server is currently running at the time of this post, if anyones interested in checking out the error. Also, I haven’t been able to find any posts similar to this yet, so…

Any ideas?

Scrap this, I fixed it… Seems my server description was the culprit. (I guess it contained too many characters…)