Can't enter server

So, I’m confused. Can only PWA’s enter the server PWA? Because for some reason, I can’t.

If you are stuck on the loading screen, then the server is still broken I guess, but if it’s giving you a prompt saying “sorry, this server is restricted to staff only” or something similar, then it’s only for PWA.

nono, I’m just stuck on the loading screen >.> same on both of my accounts.

Well, for me it’s been like that for a few weeks.

I just thought VW went overboard one time and fucked up PWA just to troll everyone

because that doesn’t sound like something VW would do

VW? Sorry.

VariousWeapon is the coolest guy on GR. I wish he wouldn’t edit my post.

yen edit; I’m okay with this.

I might have modified the staff toys a bit, but I didn’t break the server.

Does anybody actually use PWA besides urza to afk anyways?

Tore is a spam bot?

No, he comes from iGraal.

MKnance is a queer?

The hell you get that from? o.0

And yes, I come from iGraal.

I must come from Apple or something then because I post way more frequently than him and you combined.

iGraal = SPAMSPAMSPAMSPAMMITYSPAMSPAM—Especially if you’re in a tower guild, which I try to stay away from.

Don’t be ashamed, i’m from iGraal as well. I don’t play it so much these days now however…

You don’t say? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m from iGraal as well. It’s something others frown upon on these forums because most people that come in here and act retarded are from iPhone Graal.

Then let me apologize ahead of time :smiley:

I’m pretty sure it’s not because you’re from iGraal that people frown upon you for if you’re acting retarded.

edit: Trust me, it takes one to know one.